CrossFit Training Exercises

CrossFit Training Exercises

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CrossFit workouts are easily adapted for travelers.

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CrossFit is an exercise program based on functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. The program aims to produce advanced fitness through workouts that are constantly varied, both in content and duration. One of the advantages of CrossFit is that it can be done most anywhere by choosing workouts designed around the equipment available and conditions on any given day.

Pack a Rope

Keep a spare jump rope in your travel bag. Jumping rope is an excellent conditioning exercise for travelers. If you've already mastered the jump rope and need more of a challenge, try double-unders. As the name implies, the rope passes beneath the feet twice with each jump. Double-unders require a higher degree of fitness, coordination and skill than traditional rope jumping. If you forget to pack your rope, do some jumping jacks or squat jumps instead.

Go for a Run

Running -- or walking, depending on your fitness level -- is another great option to get your heart rate up. If you have access to a treadmill, this is a good time to do some interval training. Run as hard as you can for a quarter mile, then walk a quarter mile. Repeat three more times. Or consider combining a short, intense run with one or two other movements. For example, you might run a quarter mile followed by 50 squats, then repeat three times for a complete workout.

Hit the Deck

Pushups and situps can be done right in your room or the hotel gym. With each pushup, touch the chest to the floor and fully extend the arms at the top, keeping the body in a tight plank. The pushup is easily modified by dropping your knees to the floor. CrossFit situps focus on full range of motion. Lie down with knees raised and feet resting on the floor. Touch your hands to the floor overhead then sit up and touch your feet. Beginners can modify the situp by limiting the range of motion.

Put it All Together

By combining a few basic movements, you can create workouts that you can do at the Holiday Inn, at your Grandma's house on Thanksgiving, or in your garage when you just don't feel like fighting the traffic to the gym. Try this workout on your next trip out of town. It involves five rounds of just two movements: jumping rope and situps. In round one, perform 50 rope jumps and 50 situps. Round two is 40 rope jumps and 40 situps. Continue reducing the reps by 10 each round. The last, or fifth round is 10 jump ropes and 10 situps.

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