List of Exercises for Each Muscle Group

List of Exercises for Each Muscle Group

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Doing your workouts with a partner can help keep you motivated and making progress.

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Training your whole body should be a high priority, rather than simply focusing on one or two areas. Hitting every part of your body will give your physique a "complete" look, as well as ensuring that you don't have major strength imbalances between muscle groups. Whole-body training also has the added benefit of improving your endurance and overall fitness as you continue to make progress.

Arms and Chest

Your arms and chest tend to work synergistically, meaning they work together and support each other throughout most of the common exercises. Popular and effective arm and chest exercises include pushups, pull-ups, cable or dumbbell flyes, bench presses, single-arm rows, upright rows, lateral and forward raises, muscle-ups, farmers walks, waiters walks, overhead (or military) presses, push presses, shoulder presses, Arnold presses, clean and jerks, snatches, triceps extensions, triceps dips, skull crushers, hand walkouts, mountain climbers and handstands.


Your upper back also works synergistically with your arms and chest. Meanwhile, your lower back works synergistically with your abs, hips, butt and legs. To target your upper back, you can do pull-ups, pushups, lat pulldowns, bent-over rows, upright rows, waiters walks, hand walkouts, cable flyes, seated-high rows, inverted rows and overhead presses. To work on your lower back, focus on deadlifts, single-leg deadlifts, good mornings, hyperextensions, medicine ball slams, hip thrusters and supermans.


Your abs are involved in just about every movement your body makes -- so closely, in fact, that unless you want a six-pack, you don't need to do that much targeted work. Here are the exercises your abs are heavily involved in: squats, deadlifts, lunges, burpees, bench presses, all row movements, overhead presses, wall sits, sprints and jumping. Here are the exercises that target your abs specifically: planks, crunches, oblique crunches, side stars, L-sits, V-ups, Russian twists, side bends, decline crunches and rotating side planks.

Legs and Butt

Targeting your legs and butt typically happens synergistically, and there are exercises to help you build your lower body, including squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg presses, leg extensions, calf raises, single-leg squats, goblet squats, Romanian deadlifts, single-leg deadlifts, step-ups, box jumps, wall sits, hip abductions, hip adductions, ski jumps, toe-touch jacks, hip thrusters, jumping lunges, burpees, cycle sprints, kettlebell swings, stair running and donkey kicks.