How to Lose Chest Fat Easily for Guys

How to Lose Chest Fat Easily for Guys

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It may not be easy, but the changes you're about to make will be worth it.

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If you're looking for the easy way out in terms of cutting fat, you're going to be pretty disappointed to find out that losing weight is anything but easy. Whether you want to lose fat on your chest or anywhere else, the process of cutting fat is pretty simple, but it still takes determination and work. To build the chest you desire, get ready to watch what you eat, work out regularly and even add a few weights into the mix.


Perform calorie-burning exercise as often as six days a week. The key to losing fat anywhere on the body is to do exercises that burn fat -- which means exercise that gets your heart pumping faster. If you're currently sedentary, start out walking for 15 minutes a day and gradually work up to 30 to 60 minutes a day. If you already do cardiovascular exercise, increase the frequency or intensity at which you do it, aiming for 30 to 60 minutes at a streak.


Perform weight training or strength training exercises three days a week. You can't "spot reduce" your chest fat through chest-specific exercise, but you can build muscle in that area. Since muscle burns calories more efficiently, it's also going to help you use more calories throughout the day. Incorporate bent-over rows and bench presses with a barbell, using both a flat and incline bench. Also perform chest flys with dumbbells or cables. And pullups and pushups will also help you build chest muscle. That will take care of the pectorals, but since your routine needs to include all the major muscle groups, do squats and lunges for the legs, biceps and triceps curls for the arms and lat pulldowns for your back. Strengthening the upper back will help improve your posture, which will make your chest fat less noticeable. For each exercise, start with one set of 12 repetitions, then add a second set after two weeks, and a third set after several more weeks.


Track your calories. No, this is not a step followed only by the cardio bunnies who frequent your gym. Cutting fat is all about creating a calorie deficit, so to lose that fat, you're going to have to monitor how much you're consuming. Download an app that helps you track the calories in your foods and estimate how many calories you need to consume daily -- or use a free diet website that does the same thing. If you find that you're consuming too many calories, look to the usual suspects, including excess meat, alcohol, sweets and simple carbohydrates.


Limit your exposure to chemical estrogens, which can lead to estrogen dominance in both men and women -- and can result in unsightly "man boobs" in men. On top of that, estrogen dominance can make it hard to lose weight. BPA, a chemical found in plastics, store receipts and aluminum cans is one culprit, but chemical estrogens are also found in soaps, lotions, hair products, household fragrances, paints and solvents. Non-organic foods can also contain growth hormones and pesticides that can contain chemical estrogens. Soy and soy products can also contain estrogens.


Stick to your routine, even if you're not making "easy" progress and you feel like giving up. If you're the type to gain fat in your chest first, that's going to be the last place you're going to take it off. Fortunately for you, your program of cardio, strength training and calorie reduction and monitoring is going to help you feel better, get stronger and improve your health along the way -- so once you've made it part of your regular routine, you'll have adopted a healthier lifestyle that will benefit you for life.


  • If you think that your chest fat is a result of hormone imbalances or estrogen dominance, it may be time for a visit to your doctor. Depending on your situation, he may prescribe a testosterone treatment that can help you balance out your hormone levels.