Mini Trampoline Exercises for Burning Calories

Mini Trampoline Exercises for Burning Calories

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Stay trim by jumping on a mini trampoline.

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If slimming down while having fun makes you happy, you can literally jump for joy by using a mini trampoline, which is also known as a rebounder. The springy surface absorbs more than 80 percent of your impact force, so it's relatively easy on your joints. But that doesn't mean the workout lacks intensity. Remaining in constant motion on a mini trampoline for six minutes is roughly equal to 1 mile of jogging.

Go for a Run

Your feet spend more time in the air when you jog on a mini trampoline, because the surface bounces you upward. Nevertheless, use the same basic form for jogging on a rebounder as you would while jogging outdoors. Maintain an upright posture and swing your arms in sync with your legs. Push your legs down harder to "sprint" on a mini trampoline, or keep your feet low and move them up and down as quickly as possible. Do a slow-motion jog by lifting your right knee and then holding it up while you hop twice on your left foot. Repeat the movement by raising your left knee and hopping on your right foot twice.

Hop to It

The number of mini trampoline exercises that feature two-footed jumps is almost endless. Spread your feet and bounce with light intensity to warm up before a rebounder workout. Increase the intensity by bouncing harder and raising your arms to shoulder height or above, or by lifting your knees toward your chest as you jump. Alternatively, keep your feet close together and hop from side to side or from the front of the rebounder to the back. To twist your torso while you jump, keep your feet together and extend your arms to each side at shoulder height. Rotate your hips to the left as you swing your arms to the right and then reverse your motion.

Add Jumping Jacks

Perform jumping jacks by facing one direction the whole time or do them while circling around the rebounder. For example, do two jumping jacks while facing north, hop to the right and do two more while facing east and so on. Hold a pair of hand weights and do military presses while you perform two-footed jumps; press the weights upward as you ascend. Jump forward and backward while doing lateral raises. You can also jog while holding light hand weights.

Have a Seat

Because of the rebounder's size, you can't jump and land on your butt like you could when working on a full-sized trampoline. However, you can sit on the trampoline surface with your feet on the floor and then bounce your torso vertically. Swing your arms to burn extra calories. Add some abdominal work by tightening your abs and raising one leg at a time as you bounce.

Warm it Up

Consult your physician before starting a new exercise program. Warm up for five minutes - either on or off the mini trampoline - before you begin your main workout. Cool down for five minutes with a series of light hops or similar movements when your session ends. Finish your workout with static stretches, focusing on your core muscles, quads, hamstrings and calves.


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