P90X Different Workouts

P90X Different Workouts

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P90X includes pushups and other resistance exercises.

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The "X" in P90X stands for extreme. Part of what makes this program extreme is the variety of workouts that you'll be exposed to. When you do P90X you aren't just lifting weights, you're doing anything from martial arts to yoga. Before jumping into this program, familiarize yourself with the workout routines.

Resistance is Utile

The bulk of P90X workouts are about building muscle. The program includes several different exercise routines that target the specific muscle groups in the video titles. These include "Chest and Back," "Shoulders and Arms," "Legs and Back," "Chest, Shoulders and Triceps," "Back and Biceps" and "Core Synergistics." These workouts feature resistance exercises that require dumbbells or resistance bands. They also include body resistance exercises like dips, pushups and pullups.

Breaking a Sweat

P90X isn't just about building muscle, it's also about shedding fat and the key to this is cardio. P90X includes three cardio workouts: "Plyometrics," "Kenpo X" and "Cardio X." "Plyometrics" is a jump training video full of high-impact exercises. "Kenpo X" is a martial arts workout with plenty of kicking and punching to keep your heart rate up. "Cardio X" includes elements of jump training and martial arts along with more traditional aerobics exercises like jumping jacks.

Building Your Abs

The P90X program includes a short ab routine that consists of hundreds of reps worth of crunches and other core exercises packed into a less-than-20-minute workout. These workouts are scheduled three days per week following the scheduled resistance training workouts. They don't require any weights or special equipment, just a mat so you can work out on the floor comfortably.

Stretching It Out

P90X may help you get ripped, but that doesn't mean you'll become muscle-bound and inflexible. The program includes a 90-minute yoga workout called "Yoga X" which is typically performed once or twice per week. P90X also features the "X Stretch" workout. This workout is an optional stretching routine which can be performed on rest days to help with your recovery.