Sprinter Calf Workout

Sprinter Calf Workout

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Strengthen your calves and your other leg muscles to boost your sprinting speed.

It's important for sprinters who want to gain speed to do calf muscle exercises. The calves play a big role in your speed and explosive power because they help your hamstrings and quads propel you forward. Tight calves can make you prone to injury and slow you down, so do the toe lift stretch after every calf workout to loosen your calves.


Skip like children do, but try to propel your body as far forward as you can by pumping your arms and using your calves. Next, skip as high as you can, using your thighs and calves to push off the ground as hard as possible. After you feel the burn in your calves, keep going for as long as you can to really challenge your calves and improve your endurance.

Sprinter Calf Raises

Start in the sprinters' starting position as though you were on starting blocks. Place either hand on the ground. Keep your right foot completely on the floor as you raise your left foot off the floor. Straighten your right knee as you lift yourself onto your right foot's toes and your fingertips. Return to your starting position by slowly lowering your right heel until it's flat again. Repeat and don't forget to do both sides equally.

Lever Seated Calf Raises

At the gym, sit on the calf raise lever machine facing the lever, with your lower thighs under the lever pads. Place your feet on the platform with your heels hanging off. Hold the tops of the thigh pads with your hands. Raise your heels by contracting your calves. Slowly lower your heels until you get a good stretch in your calves, and then repeat.

Stretching Your Calves

Do the toe lift stretch to stretch your calves effectively at the end of every workout and during rests within your workouts. Stand tall and lean to your left so most of your weight is on your left leg. Keep your right heel on the ground as you raise your right foot's toes and pull them back with your hand toward your knees. Hold for a couple of seconds, release and repeat for 10 reps. Don't forget to stretch both calves. Hold a chair or a wall for balance if you need to.