Upper Arm Slimming Exercises

Upper Arm Slimming Exercises

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Overhead extensions effectively target your triceps.

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If your upper arms continue to wave goodbye long after you've stopped, maybe it's time to reduce that jiggle. Excess fat tends to settle in the back of the upper arms and commonly plagues women. In addition to eating healthy, exercise can help slim down your body including your upper arms. When the wobbly bits are gone, you'll be left with toned, slim arms that will be your best accessories during the hot summer months.

Arm-Intense Cardio Exercise

A deficit of 500 calories a day is required to lose one pound of fat a week. Doing 150 to 300 minutes of moderate cardio a week can burn calories and help you accumulate this deficit. Although most cardio engages your lower body, engaging your upper body at the same time can burn more calories. Consider swimming laps with a breaststroke or front crawl, swing walking poles back and forth during brisk walks, pedal on an elliptical machine with moving handles, play racquetball, or take a cardio-kickboxing class.

Pushups to Firm Up

Pushups can be part of a biweekly, full-body strength-training routine that helps you lose weight and inches; muscle tissue burns more calories than fat to maintain itself and it also takes up less space. Research sponsored by the American Council on Exercise shows that triangle pushups most effectively work your triceps. During these pushups, your hands are close together so your thumbs and index fingers can form a triangle on the floor. As you lower and push up your body, your elbows remain tucked next to your sides to emphasize the back of your arms. Perform three sets of eight to 12 reps.

Dips for Your Triceps

To do dips, all you need is a sturdy platform, which can be anything from a chair to a bench. This exercise emphasizes your triceps, and just like pushups, it uses your own body weight for resistance. While sitting on the platform, place your hands on the front edge of the seat with your fingers pointing forward. Then walk your feet forward until your butt is off the seat. By bending your elbows back you can dip your butt toward the floor. When your upper arms are close to parallel to the floor, press yourself back to the starting point. Do this eight to 12 times, and complete up to three sets.

Triceps-Extension Exercises

Each time you straighten your elbows, you engage your triceps. By adding resistance in the form of a dumbbell, you can effectively work the back of your upper arms. For instance, during standing or seated triceps extensions, you grasp the upper end of a dumbbell and hold it overhead with extended arms. You then bend your elbows 90 degrees and lower the weight behind your head, before extending your elbows and pressing the weight back to the beginning point. Work your way up to doing three sets of eight to 12 reps.

Biceps-Strengthening Exercises

To maintain an even muscle balance in your upper arms, you must also work your biceps. Your biceps engage when you bend your elbows, and can be worked with this same range of motion. Include exercises, such as biceps curls, hammer curls, and curls on a preacher or incline bench. These exercises all target your biceps slightly differently; most curl variations can be done with dumbbells, a barbell or a low-pulley cable station. Dumbbells are ideal, because these allow you to alternate your arms, or to work one arm at a time. Aim to complete eight to 12 reps and two to three sets of each exercise.