Upper Thigh Minimizing Exercises

Upper Thigh Minimizing Exercises

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The right exercise routine can take inches off your thighs.

Fat is fat, no matter where it's located on your body. If you have excess fat in your upper thighs, exercising this area with leg lifts, for example, won't reduce fat. You can only slim down your problem areas by losing weight from your entire body. A healthy diet, cardio, and strength training that includes targeted exercises, can result in a caloric deficit that triggers weight loss and slims and shapes your upper thighs.

Upper- and Lower-Body Cardio

Although you're trying to minimize your thighs, working as many muscles in your body burns more calories than solely engaging your legs. For cardio, this can mean pedaling on an elliptical machine with moving handles, playing racquetball, swimming laps, taking a kickboxing class, or actively swinging your arms as you walk briskly or jog. Vary your routine so you prevent boredom and keep challenging your muscles. Set out to do 150 to 300 minutes of moderate cardio a week, as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Full-Body Strength Training

Strengthening your body's large muscles is essential to preserve muscle tissue as you lose weight. Instead of only working your thighs, also work your other major muscle groups including your arms, hips, chest, back, and shoulders. This stimulates muscle tissue throughout your body, and since muscle uses up more calories than fat, you'll optimize your full-body weight loss and will also lose weight from your upper thighs. Doing at least two nonconsecutive strength-training sessions is recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services. Perform exercises such as pushups, deadlifts, bent-over rows, bench presses, lunges and squats.

Targeted Thigh Exercises

As part of your strength-training routine, targeted exercises tone and shape the muscles under the fat. When the excess fat reduces, you'll have shapely, firm thighs. In addition to mainly working your quadriceps and hamstrings, these exercises also engage your glutes. You can include step-ups during which you step up and down a platform, or lunge variations, such as stationary lunges, walking lunges, dumbbell lunges, or lunges with one leg raised on a platform. Squat exercises are also effective and can include traditional squats, wall squats, one-legged squats, and front and back squats with a barbell.

For Your Consideration

It takes a daily deficit of 500 calories to trigger weekly weight loss of one pound. In addition to exercise, your diet can partially contribute to this deficit. Eating smaller portions, passing up high-calorie desserts and snacks, such as cookies and chips, or replacing them with healthier alternatives, such as veggies and fruit, can make a difference. Also prioritize your safety. Always begin your workout with five to 10 minutes of low-intense cardio to warm up your muscles, and before all of this, see a doctor to ensure that your planned weight-loss regimen is safe for your physical condition.