Is Weight Watchers for Vegetarians?

Is Weight Watchers for Vegetarians?

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Vegetarian diets fit into the Weight Watchers program.

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Don't count Weight Watchers out of the equation if you are vegetarian and considering a weight loss program. Weight Watchers has been an effective program for many people striving to lose weight, offering an educational framework that can help people make long-term, lifestyle changes improving the likelihood of success. According to, the program is flexible and can be easily incorporated into the vegetarian lifestyle.

Weight Watchers Program

Weight Watchers features a points system to track dietary intake. The program's points system helps a participant take into account dietary fat, protein, fiber and carbohydrates when making decisions about foods and portion sizes for weight loss. In general, you'll learn how to make healthier decisions and put yourself in a position to lose weight by consuming fewer calories. No foods are necessarily off limits, but high calorie density foods are kept to reasonable portions to keep daily points goals in line.

Vegetarians and Weight Watchers

As a vegetarian, you would follow the same point tracking system that anyone else would, only you would omit the animal proteins of your choosing. Any form of vegetarian diet can fit into the guidelines of Weight Watchers, according to You simply track intake for the foods you do eat following your customized number of points per day based on gender, height and weight. Even meat substitutes such as tofu, veggie burgers or tempeh have point totals that can easily be tracked.

Vegetarians and Weight Status

Research may indicate that vegetarians generally have lower body weights than non-vegetarians.An analysis of 12 studies published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in 2016 showed that people who were assigned a vegetarian diet lost significantly more weight than people assigned a non-vegetarian diets for weight control. People who aimed to reasonably restrict calorie intake at the same time lost even more weight. With these findings in mind, a vegetarian approach to the Weight Watchers plan could be beneficial.


Though vegetarian eating plans easily fit into Weight Watchers guidelines, suggests that caution be taken even when choosing plant-based foods. Too much of even healthy foods like nuts, avocados or fruits can hinder weight loss efforts. For this reason, track everything using the points system to ensure your success.