Women's Bodybuilding Competition Categories

Women's Bodybuilding Competition Categories

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Female Competitor Categories

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Preparing for a bodybuilding competition requires a strict diet, hours in the gym and time and effort spent on posing. But you also need to pick the right category to ensure your success. Different divisions favor different types of physiques, and you'll need to consider your personal genetics, ability to build muscle, and your workout routine when choosing the right one for you.

Consider the Bikini

The bikini division is known for its model walk presentation on stage. This division focuses on balance and shape as well as overall physical appearance. Complexion, skin tone, poise, and overall presentation are all taken into consideration. This category typically has the largest female entries, and the competition is very high. The judging process includes a solo model walk, group side by side comparison, and a front/back comparison of contestants.

Flaunt Your Fitness

Fitness is known for being the division involving a 2 minute aerobics, dance and gymnastics performance. This routine is judged based the accuracy and difficulty of showing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and an solid overall presentation. The mandatory moves within the dance routine include push ups, high kicks, straddle hold, and side split. Judges score the competitors' bodies according to their firmness, symmetry, proportion, and overall physical appearance (complexion, poise, presentation). The amount of strength and physical ability put into these routines is an incredible sight!

Focus on Figure

Figure competitors are known for muscle tone and symmetry. Less focus is placed on muscle size in comparison to bodybuilding. However, judges do look for a small amount of muscularity in the physical appearance and muscle tone. The ideal figure competitor has muscle tone throughout the body, shapely lines, firmness, but is not excessively lean. Maintaining a healthy appearance, appropriate make-up, and even skin tone is also important.

Bare Your Feet with Physique

Physique is a division that focuses on symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise, and beauty flow. This is one size down from the bodybuilding; contestants are encouraged to avoid certain bodybuilding qualities such as being shredded, ripped, or vascular. Physique competitors should have the overall look found in figure, with a little more muscularity. Judging in this category includes an individual routine, quarter turns, mandatory posing comparisons, and individual posing routines (in finals). No high heels are wore in this category, unlike the other categories; contestants are barefoot.