Workout Instructions to Reduce Hip & Buttocks

Workout Instructions to Reduce Hip & Buttocks

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A wide variety of exercises can help reduce the hips and buttocks.

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Ditching the extra fat in your butt and hips isn't all about leg lifts and crunches. While area-specific exercises can tone the thighs and abs, fat loss anywhere in the body simply requires a calorie deficit. The good news is that any exercise that burns calories can help you reduce waist size and cut fat from your hips. This includes aerobic exercises like running and cycling, as well as strength-training workouts such as pushups, sit-ups and cable pulls.

Get to the Starting Line

Aerobic exercises are activities that burn fat by rhythmically working large muscle groups for an extended period of time. Activities like walking, jogging, cycling and rollerblading are considered moderate aerobic exercises. Moderate aerobic exercises are good multitasking exercises - you can do them while running errands or taking your dog for a walk. The "moderate aerobic" group also tends to include social exercises like water aerobics, hip hop dance and ice skating. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least 150 minutes per week of aerobic activities to maintain a calorie balance. Reducing your hips and buttocks may require an even greater weekly commitment.

Pick Up the Pace

Activities like running and jumping rope burn more fat calories than moderate aerobic exercises in the same amount of time. The CDC calls these vigorous aerobic activities. If you choose to do your aerobic routine at this intensity, the CDC recommends committing at least 75 minutes per week. details a "jog step" jump rope workout. Start with the jump rope behind you and one hand holding each end. Swing the rope forward and begin jogging in place, alternating the main jumping leg with every swing. Do at least 10 minutes of continuous jump roping per session. You might have to stop every 20 seconds or so, but continue to jump until you've reached a full 10 minutes.

Make Some Muscles

Weightlifting activities like leg lifts, cable pulls and the bench press burn fat while toning the muscles they target. Bodyweight exercises are a way for people with no gym access or too little time to approach strength training. They include workout activities like sit-ups, crunches, pushups and pull-ups. Whether you're a gym rat or a homebody, the CDC recommends at least two weekly strength training workouts. You should do two to three sets of eight to 12 repetitions for each exercise. Your strength training workouts should focus on all the major muscle groups.

Put It All Together

You may need to keep an exercise journal to make sure you're staying on track to reducing your hips and buttocks. Write down your activities for each day, taking care to record both type of exercise and duration. At the end of each week, calculate the number of calories you burned by plugging your exercise records into an online activity calorie calculator. Nutrition should also play a role in your fat loss plan. Keep a food journal, and enter your weekly information into a food calorie calculator. You should be burning more calories than you're consuming. For every 3,500 extra calories you burn, you'll lose one pound of fat.

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