Workout to Do at Home for Ripped Pecs

Workout to Do at Home for Ripped Pecs

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Pushups are an effective pec exercise you can perform at home.

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Of course you want massive, strong pecs instead of a scrawny, caved in chest. That's why the pectorals are one of the areas men focus on when they start lifting weights. You don't need a health club membership or access to the gym to get impressive, ripped pecs. If you've got the focus and dedication, you can get the same results working out at home as you can using professional equipment.

If You're Equipped

If you're serious about working out, maybe you've stocked your home gym with some modest but useful gear. If that's the case, there are a number of chest exercises you can do with home equipment. A standing incline press can be done with dumbbells or a cable machine. Dumbbells can be used to perform flyes and bench presses. Or use a barbell to do basic, old-school bench presses. Dips are an effective chest exercise, too, and they can be done using a dip bar or even just two adjacent countertops if you don't have a bar. A stability ball can come in handy to support you while you perform presses and flyes, and you can do pushups off of it, too.


You don't have to purchase any equipment to perform exercises to get ripped pecs. If you don't have access to equipment, the single best exercise you can do for your pectorals is the pushup. The different versions of pushups you can perform are what make them so effective. Start off with a classic pushup, but then make adjustments such as doing them from a pike position, doing one-handed and/or one-legged pushups or placing your feet on a stool or a step to bring them level with your head.

Add an angle for variety: perform pushups with your hands on an elevated surface such as a stair or bench for incline pushups, then turn around and elevate your feet on the bench to do decline pushups. Where you place your hands can affect the angle at which your pecs get worked, too. Try placing them wider than shoulder-width for a set, then bringing them in almost to your shoulders for a second set and finish off by putting your hands right under your shoulders for another set.

The Ripped Factor

The exercises that get your pecs working will build an impressive wall of muscle on your chest, but you need to burn off any fat you're carrying on your chest to improve the definition and give you that ripped look you're working toward. In the 2011 book, "Race to Win!: The Missing Pieces," Alan R. Blair advises readers to maximize fat burning by using less weight to perform more reps and more sets. Blair recommends a routine in which you do four sets, starting out with low weight and high reps and progressively increasing the weight while decreasing the reps, doing 25, 20, 18 and finally 16 reps.

Work it With a Circuit

You can get your heart rate up for maximum calorie and fat burning by turning your chest routine into a circuit workout. Stew Smith of recommends using light weight so you can max-out your reps instead of aiming for a specific number of them. For example, you'll do pushups for a minute then immediately move to bench presses for a minute with little or no rest in between. Do some dips with a series of pushups -- taking minimal rest after each minute -- if you don't have dumbbells or other equipment at your disposal.