Workout Plans for the Chest, Abs and Arms

Workout Plans for the Chest, Abs and Arms

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Sticking to a structured plan ensures consistent progress.

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Developing and sticking to an effective resistance-training program for the chest, arms and abs is an effective method to ensure consistent progress toward developing and toning the muscle groups in these areas. Prepare yourself for an easier way to get the look you want with a tighter upper body.

Primed and Ready

Before any resistance training session, make sure you warm up appropriately. Five to 10 minutes of cardio on the bike or treadmill will prime your body for training. After cardio, add in three sets of light-weight, resistance-training exercises to warm-up the muscle groups you are preparing to train. For example, do three sets of light-weight chest presses before continuing with your chest routine.

Total Pectoralis Development

Start out your chest routine with the barbell bench press, the most effective chest exercise available, according to the American Council on Exercise. Follow up your chest press with the incline dumbbell chest press for training both the chest muscles and assistant muscles, such as the triceps and rotator cuff. Finish off your chest routine with the dumbbell chest fly. The chest fly isolates the pectoralis major -- your chest muscle -- for inner chest stimulation. Aim for two sets of each exercise two days per week on non-consecutive days. The effective repetition range for toning up your chest is eight to 10 reps. When you are able to complete more than 10 reps, increase the weight so you can only complete between eight and 10. Increasing the weight ensures constant progress.

Showcase-Worthy Abs

The abdominal muscle group requires a variety of moves to achieve total development. Begin your routine with a medicine ball crunch on the stability ball. This movement activates both the abdominals and obliques and serves as a method to prepare your abs for total muscular stimulation. Finish off your abdominal workout with hanging leg raises and twisting crunches for obliques. Twisting crunches are done in the standard crunch position but you lift your elbow toward the opposite knee during movement. Perform two sets of each abdominal exercise two days per week on non-consecutive days. The effective repetition range for you abs is 10 to 12 reps.

Biceps and Triceps

Your arms consist of three separate muscles -- biceps, triceps and brachioradialis, your forearm muscles. One exercise for biceps and forearms and two exercises for triceps is ample for development and tone. The standing alternate dumbbell curl is effective for training your biceps and your brachioradialis. Ensure your abs stay tightened and your back stays straight to avoid cheating during this exercise. For total triceps stimulation, combine the triceps cable pressdown and the overhead dumbbell extension to ensure you activate all three triceps heads. Effectively training your arms requires two sets of each exercise at eight to 10 reps. Do your arm routine two days per week on non-consecutive days. When you are able to complete more than 10 reps, increase the weight so you can only complete between eight and 10 reps.

Wrap Things Up

Wrap up your workout with 10 minutes of stretching to maintain flexibility of your trained muscle groups. Chest and arm stretches may be completed while holding onto a door frame and slowly twisting the body. Stretch your abs by lying on your stomach and lifting your torso toward the ceiling, keeping your hips and legs on the mat.

While your focus is on chest, abs and arms, remember to train your other major muscle groups such as legs and back on the other days for overall body development.


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