What Workout Shrinks Your Butt the Fastest?

What Workout Shrinks Your Butt the Fastest?

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Cardio must be included as part of any workout for glute reduction.

In a world where you can transfer money with the click of a mouse or microwave a meal in minutes, it's tough to settle for seeing anything less than immediate results from your workout. When you want to get rid of some of the acreage on the back 40, so to speak, you usually want to do it fast. It's going to take two types of exercises to get results as quickly as possible.

Aerobic Workout

Cardio is the most important element in a workout aimed at shrinking bulk. That's the part of your workout that will burn calories to take off any fat you're carrying on your backside. You can do a million tush-pushes, but they won't burn fat as effectively as aerobic exercise will. Any exercise that gets your heart rate up will be useful, but the most effective exercise is the one you like well enough to do consistently. Whether you prefer aerobics, biking, running, rowing or the elliptical trainer, make time in your workout regimen to do a minimum of 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise each week to burn fat off your glutes and the rest of your body.

Glute-Tightening Exercises

You don't have to wait for the fat-burning to kick in to start working on toning and tightening your glutes. By including resistance exercises along with fat-burning cardio, you'll have a head start on firm, toned rear-end muscles. Perform exercises such as lunges, squats, glute kickbacks and hamstring curls to target your glutes. Do three sets of 12 to 15 reps of each twice a week, leaving at least 48 hours between glute workouts.

Intense Intervals

Turning your glute workout into interval training will speed up your reduction program by burning more calories during the workout, as well as increasing the number you burn after you're done exercising. You can either focus your intervals on your cardio workout by alternating intervals of two to three minutes of intense activity -- such as pedaling as fast as you can on the bike or elliptical -- with one to two minutes at a slower pace for a recovery interval. In her 2013 book "The Overnight Diet: The Proven Plan for Fast, Permanent Weight Loss," Caroline Apovian says that doing intervals of resistance training with aerobic exercise will decrease your body-fat mass at an accelerated rate while increasing your lean-muscle mass. For example, alternate your two- to three-minute high-intensity aerobic intervals with a set of a resistance exercises.

Keeping it Simple

The most complex workouts aren't the only way to shrink your glutes fast. The authors of "Walk Your Butt Off!," published in 2013, maintain that walking is an effective way to get your backside in shape. Sara Lorge Butler and her co-authors advise taking two to four brisk 25-minute walks a week to start seeing results in as little as three weeks. Their plan counts the walks as the cardio portion of a full workout that includes some resistance training, and they recommend performing your walks similar to interval-fashion, alternating between brisk walking and fast walking every three to four minutes.