The Best Workout Surfaces for P90X

The Best Workout Surfaces for P90X

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Keep your sweat from hitting the floor by covering it with rubber panels.

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Full-body workouts such as P90X require flooring that helps protect your joints during jumps; the best options, according to certified physical therapists David H. Potach and Donald A. Chu of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, include suspended floors, which aren't plausible in most home gym environments, or rubber flooring, which is affordable and easy to install. The textured rubber gives you a sturdy surface during fast position changes such as burpees and is simple to keep clean. It's available as either rolls or interlocking panels and comes in several thicknesses.

When You Jump

P90X includes powerful plyometric moves that keep you jumping for the majority of the workout. Hard landings can be torture on your joints, especially your knees, ankles and hips. Soften the blows by using rubber flooring; thicker flooring, around 3/4-inch, absorbs more impact than thinner flooring, such as mats that are 1/2-inch or 1/4-inch thick. The springy surface also gives you the thrust you need for high and frequent jumps.

The More You Move

P90X doesn't just keep you in the air; it makes you move quickly between positions, including lunges, pushups and jumps. This means you need a secure flooring surface that won't scoot out from under you as you move. Although flooring such as carpet is unlikely to move, rubber flooring is better because it offers more traction and better cushioning. Install the rubber flooring on concrete or wood when possible because it won't grip carpet as well; it could move across a carpeted surface, while it's unlikely to move on a solid surface. Also, rubber surfaces don't give you rug burn if you accidentally slip.

Sweat It Out

Working out on solid surfaces such as concrete can become hazardous as your sweat drops onto it. Trying to exercise on a slippery floor might lead to injury. Choosing a textured rubber surfaces helps eliminate this problem, allowing your shoes to get traction even when the surface gets wet with sweat. With P90X workouts lasting up to 90 minutes, you're definitely going to sweat.

Keeping It Clean

The best surface for a challenging workout such as P90X is one you can easily clean, according to Amy Scanlin, writing for L&T Health and Fitness. In addition to dirt and dust, you must be able to sanitize the floor to remove sweat and bacteria. Carpet is difficult to keep clean in a workout area, but rubber surfaces hold up well under regular sanitizing. Use products that contain bleach or alcohol to ensure you kill all the bacteria. In P90X, you spend a good bit of time down on the floor in moves such as pushups, so a clean floor is essential.

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