Workouts to Flatten the Stomach

Workouts to Flatten the Stomach

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Aerobics and strength training help you get a flat stomach. Images

Excess flab in the stomach area is unhealthy and can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Although there's no such thing as spot-reducing, you can use a combination of cardiovascular and strength-training exercises to lose the pounds and flatten your stomach. A variety of workouts can be used to maintain your interest and enthusiasm as you drop the excess weight all over, including on your stomach, and tone your abdominal muscles.

Aerobic Exercise for Fat Loss

Heart-pumping aerobic exercise helps you burn calories and lose weight. Any excess flab around your midsection can be gotten rid of as part of an overall weight-loss plan. By burning 250 to 500 calories per day with aerobic exercise, you can lose 1/2 to 1 pound per week all over, as well as on your stomach. If you like cardio workouts that are more moderate, try walking for one hour, doing yoga or going horseback riding. All three burn around 250 calories per hour. More vigorous types of exercise, such as jogging, swimming and cycling, burn about 500 calories per hour.

Stomach-Flattening Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training, in general, is beneficial to the achievement of your flatter-stomach plan because it helps you get a leaner physique and more efficient calorie burn. As you increase muscle mass with three weekly strength-training sessions that last 20 minutes each, your body will burn more calories even when at rest. Likewise, your stomach muscles will become tighter and more toned, giving your belly the flatter look you desire. Weight-bearing exercises that give you a good, total-body workout, such as lunges, squat-thrusts, chest presses and bicep curls, will benefit each muscle group and your body as a whole.

Stomach-Flattening Exercises

In addition to performing strength-training exercises for your upper and lower body, exercises that target your abdominal muscles can help tone your stomach for flat, sexy abs. Include exercises such as planks, trunk rotations and stability ball walkouts in your strength training routine. When using weights with your strength-training exercises, choose a weight that's heavy enough to tire your muscles by the 12th repetition.

Other Considerations

Prior to beginning any new flat-stomach workouts, check in with your doctor to make sure the ones you have in mind are right for you. As you work toward your goal of flatter abs, include a healthy, well-balanced diet in the mix. Consume lean protein, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and low-fat dairy. Steer clear of foods that make your belly fat, such as margarine, cheese and red wine. Include flat belly foods in your diet, such as guacamole, chocolate and peanut butter.