The Best Workouts to Get Rid of Back Fat for Girls

The Best Workouts to Get Rid of Back Fat for Girls

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An easy bike ride is both fun and effective, calorie-burning exercise.

If you're a girl who wants to get rid of those bulges below the shoulders and above the waistline, instill some healthy habits in your daily routine. Depending on where you are in your growth cycle, you might not need to worry about those curves. Focus on creating lifelong, healthy habits by engaging in a variety of exercise. Long, slow aerobic exercise trains your body to burn fat, while shorter, more intense workouts will burn more calories overall.

Do What You Love

When you exercise at a relatively easy effort level, your body burns a higher percentage of calories from fat than from carbohydrate. Things like going for a walk or bike ride to socialize with friends, or playing an active game or sport for fun lets girls burn fat calories and have fun at the same time. If you're moving at a pace that just begins to make you feel a little out of breath, then you know you're in the fat-burning zone. Girls should aim to spend 60 minutes a day doing something active. If you're doing something you already love, this will be a piece of cake.

Ramp It Up to Burn More Fat

You can't choose where your body puts its fat -- so-called "spot reduction." You'll have to lose fat over your whole body if you want a slimmer back. By exercising at a higher intensity, even though you're burning some carbohydrate, you burn more calories overall and more total fat calories than if you only work in the easy zone. Some activities girls can do to burn more calories include short sprints, bicycling along a hilly route and playing more intense games or sports like tennis, soccer, basketball or tag. Dancing is also a great way to get your heart rate up to burn more total fat.

Healthy Body Composition for Girls

As you pass through different growth stages, girls normally gain and lose fat over different areas of their body. While the average body fat percentage for girls is around 18 percent, once the hormones of puberty begin working, it is normal for that to increase to 26 or even 28 percent. Keep these age-related hormonal fluctuations in mind, and don't fall into the trap of poor body image based on one snapshot of your normal growth. Normal, healthy ranges of body fat for girls are often much higher than those depicted in the media. Simply put, if your goal is a toned back, adding in normal activity to your daily routine will help you get there. Many girls may not need to worry about back fat at all until they reach adulthood.

For Best Results, Put it All Together

Meeting recommended activity levels can help assure that girls will be healthy, and by choosing activities that are fun, you're more likely to meet those recommendations. Additional calorie-burning benefits happen when you increase the level of intensity, but keep the focus on making activity fun. If you focus on appearance rather than health, you may tend to feel badly about your appearance. Reverse this by learning the facts about normal development, healthy diet, exercise and body composition. By focusing on positive steps that can be taken to improve overall health, girls will have a healthier relationship with their bodies, backs included.