How to Do the Yoga Bow Pose

How to Do the Yoga Bow Pose

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Yoga's Bow pose can help strengthen your back.

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The "Dhanurasana" combine two Sanskrit terms that together mean "bow pose." This term describes an intermediate back-bending yoga pose that strengthens the back and opens the chest, lungs, abdomen, legs, hips and throat. This invigorating pose stimulates reproductive and digestive organs to alleviate discomfort from constipation or menstruation. The Bow pose also stipulates the body to reduce stress and fatigue and promote greater energy levels.


Lie flat on your stomach while facing forward with your arms by your sides, palms up.


Exhale while bending your knees to bring your heels as close as possible to your buttocks. Avoid spreading your legs; your knees should remain hip-distance apart.


Move your arms back and grasp the outsides of the same-side ankles with your hands.


Inhale while lifting your heels up and raising your upper torso and chin toward the ceiling. Keep your back relaxed; the movement should come from your legs and upper torso.


Push your shoulder blades into your back and your belly into the floor.


Hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds as you breathe slowly and deliberately.


Exhale as you slowly release the pose to return to the original prone position. Breathe a few times while laying quietly and repeat the pose one or two more times.

Things Needed

  • Yoga mat


  • Consult a doctor before attempting this pose if you suffer from back or neck pain, insomnia, migraines, high- or low- blood pressure or are pregnant.

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