Is Yoga Good for Children?

Is Yoga Good for Children?

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You can spend quality one-on-one time with your child while doing yoga.

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Yoga exercises have been used around the world for over 5,000 years and there's numerous styles of yoga that you can do. It's a fantastic way to keep fit, connect with your spirituality and focus your body, breath and mind. While yoga is often thought of as an exercise for adults, children can benefit from practicing yoga as well.

Health Benefits

Yoga isn't just good for adults, it comes packed with an array of health benefits for children, too. It can improve your child's balance, strength, flexibility and stamina, according to Kids Health. Yoga is also believed to improve mental clarity, help with sleep and reduce stress and anxiety at any age. Aside from all of that, just the fact that yoga keeps children physically active is important since lifestyles learned during childhood can follow kids into adulthood, according to

Quality Family Time

You can turn your child's practice of yoga into some quality family time. Many overweight children feel more comfortable participating in physical activities with their families than doing so with friends, notes Instead of sitting in front of the television with your child, spend that time doing some yoga exercises together. Not only is this beneficial for your child, it's a healthy practice for the whole family.

Hatha Yoga Types for Kids

There are an assortment of yoga types for your child to try. Bikram yoga, or hot yoga, focuses on purification and stamina and is practiced in a heated room. Kundalini yoga features an array of poses, along with chanting, breathing exercises and meditation. Gentle yoga is done with slow stretches and deep breathing to increase flexibility. Vinyasa yoga, one of the more popular styles of yoga in the United States, is an active type that focuses on increasing your flexibility, strength and stamina.

Finding a Class or Group

If your child is interested in participating in a yoga class or group, you can check with your local YMCA branch, area gyms, yoga studios and nearby community centers. You can ask to sit in on a class before your child attends to make sure it's right for him. Your child may feel more comfortable attending a class if he can do so with a friend or sibling, or you could find a parent/child yoga class.

What to Wear and Bring Along

One of the marvelous aspects of yoga is that it requires little to no special equipment. While some people prefer to use a yoga mat, it's not absolutely necessary. It's just a matter of your child's personal preference. As far as what your child needs to wear, it's best to dress comfortably for yoga. Dress your child in clothing that she can move easily in, such as sweat pants or shorts, along with a T-shirt. She'll be taking her shoes off for yoga, so there's no special shoes for you to buy.

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