Yoga Exercises for Tummy

Yoga Exercises for Tummy

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Yoga can help improve your mental and physical health.

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There is no secret to slimming your waist and trimming inches off your tummy. You have to exercise your abdominal muscles if you want a firmer abdomen. If crunches are not to your liking, try yoga. Yoga can help improve core strength while improving flexibility. Yoga is also a good way to relieve stress.

Spot Reduction Myth

Exercises that strengthen your abdominal muscles are the way to improve core stability and endurance, but no amount of tummy strength-training exercises will burn fat from your belly. The idea that you can exercise only your trouble spots to burn fat in one place is a myth. To lose inches from your tummy, you have to burn fat all over your body. Aerobic exercise combined with a reduced calorie diet is the best way to burn fat. You can incorporate yoga poses designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles as part of your overall fitness plan, but yoga poses alone will not shrink belly fat.

Easy Poses

If you are new to yoga, seek a trained professional to help you learn the poses. A pose that will work your entire core, including the hard-to-isolate obliques, is the Warrior Lunge Twist. The Tree pose is as easy as standing on one foot, but it works your core muscles as you try to maintain your balance. The Camel Hinge pose is like a reverse crunch. It fully engages your abdominal muscles, as well as your quadriceps and lower back muscles.

Advanced Poses

More advanced poses or methods of yoga to firm and trim your tummy require expert training. You should not attempt advanced yoga poses on your own, especially if you have never received instruction. The Bow pose requires you to bend your body into a U-shape with your back arched and your belly on the floor. The Boat pose is similar to V-ups. Balance your body on your buttocks as you stretch your arms outward and your legs out and up until your body forms a V shape.


Yoga may not be a good choice if you have certain health conditions or diseases. See your doctor for a checkup and advice, especially if you are pregnant or have osteoporosis, diabetes, glaucoma or heart disease. If you feel uncomfortable or experience pain, stop immediately. If pain persists, see your doctor. Remember to breathe and resist the urge to hold your breath when doing yoga.

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