The Best Yoga Poses for Office Workers

The Best Yoga Poses for Office Workers

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Free yourself from behind the desk.

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Anyone who sits behind a desk all day knows too well the aches and pains that can creep into their body. There are simple yoga stretches that office workers can perform both during the workday to ward off muscle tension and once they are home to find a deeper sense of relaxation.

Proactive Posture

The best way to avoid the pain that can come from hunching over a computer all day is to be proactive. Instead of waiting for the end of the workday to deal with the problems that arise from poor posture and continually holding certain positions, change the way you sit at your desk while working. Continually return your awareness throughout the day to three basic yoga posture tenets: imagine the crown of your head floating toward the ceiling, which creates length in the spine; slide the shoulder blades down the back, releasing tension from the shoulders; and feel an opening and lifting through your chest.

Office Yoga

As often as you would take a coffee break, take a mini-yoga break to stretch your body. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, office workers are prone to lower back pain from sitting for long times in uncomfortable chairs. A simple yoga pose to stretch the hips and release tension from the lower back is a seated modified pigeon pose, which can be done right in your office chair. Simply push back your chair from your desk, sit up tall with your feet flat on the floor, inhale and lift your left knee toward your chest, place the ankle across the top of the right thigh just above the knee and let the left knee open to the side. On an exhale fold forward slightly until you feel a gentle hip stretch. This stretch can be held for a few, slow, deep breaths before you repeat the pose on the opposite side.

Releasing Shoulder Tension

Shoulder and wrist tension is another common complaint from office workers. recommends doing simple arm stretches to relieve this stress. A modified eagle pose, which helps release shoulder tightness, can also be done right at your desk. Sitting just as you did for modified pigeon pose, inhale and lift your left arm in front of you with the elbow bent; wrap your right arm underneath the upper left arm; cross your right arm underneath your upper left arm. Move toward having the palms press against each other. This pose can also be held for a few breaths as you focus the awareness in between the shoulder blades. Be sure to repeat the pose on the opposite side.

Relaxing at Home

After a long day in the office, the first thing you may want to do when you get home is flop down on the couch, but resist the urge and instead try a yoga pose called final relaxation--more commonly called corpse pose or savasana. All you need to do is lie down, preferably on the floor so you do not get too comfortable and fall asleep. Close your eyes and roll your arms and legs from side to side, then let them settle a comfortable distance from the body. Send the message to your body to let go and release. Allow your body to rest comfortably on the ground as you breathe slowly and peacefully for at least five minutes. Come up slowly out of the pose, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for a relaxed and tension-free evening ahead.

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