Yoga Postures for Flabby Arms

Yoga Postures for Flabby Arms

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Use yoga postures to help tighten your flabby arms.

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Flabby arms are the bugaboo of many people, women in particular. Slim and toned arms, with the slight definition that shows everyone you've been working out, are not as far out of reach as you may think. By practicing yoga postures, combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular fat-burning aerobic exercise and a healthy diet, you can work toward sporting the arms you want. Yoga poses that require you to use your own body weight or resistance are the most effective ways to begin.

Hands-to-Wall Pose

The yoga postures that were developed 5,000 years ago contain all the movements you need to strengthen and stretch every part of your body. Modern yoga teachers have adapted those poses in every way conceivable. Hands-to-Wall is a great example of a yoga pose that has been modified and can be used by those people who don't have time to roll out the yoga mat in order to work on their flabby arms. Standing arm's-length in front of a wall, place your hands at shoulder height. Rotate your wrists so your fingers are pointing toward each other and almost touching. Press into your palms, bend your elbows and lean your body toward the wall, resisting the whole way. Your arms may tremble, but that means the pose is doing its job of toning. Lay your forehead on the wall and breathe for five to 15 seconds and then push away from the wall slowly, keeping your body straight throughout. Repeat the maneuver up to 10 times.

Plank Pose

Plank pose, practiced on a regular basis, will tone your triceps very quickly. There are so many versions of Plank, among them, Upward Plank, Side Plank, Dolphin Plank and even the standing Hands-to-Wall, that you could switch between them for variety and for the slightly different ways they work your flabby arms. For traditional Plank, start off on all fours on the floor, with your fingers pointing forward. Turn your toes under and position your shoulders over your wrists. Lift your knees off the floor and straighten your body, neither lifting your buttocks too high or letting your belly droop toward the floor. Breathe steadily as you hold Plank for 30 seconds; add more time as you get stronger.

Arm Lifts

Focus your concentration while performing Arm Lifts to tone your flabby arms. Sit in an easy cross-legged pose on the floor and lift your hands to just above your shoulders. Turn your palms up, your elbows out to the sides and you fingers toward your neck. Yoga teacher Kareen Zebroff, who developed this pose for flabby arms, says to visualize holding a great weight. Breathe normally as you slowly lift this invisible weight above your head, resisting all the way. When your arms are straight over your head, lower the “weight” just as slowly, until your arms return to their starting position. The more your arms tremble, the more effective the move. Repeat five to 10 times.

Downward-Dog Pose

Down Dog is the classic arm-strengthening yoga posture for flabby arms. Just make sure to watch your form to get the greatest benefits. Starting off on all fours on the floor, turn your toes under and lift your hips toward the ceiling as you straighten your legs. Reach your heels toward the floor and ease your shoulder blades down your back. As you maintain this upside-down V position, press into the floor with your fingers and thumbs while slightly rotating the insides of your upper arms toward each other. Take long, deep breaths as you stay in this pose for 30 seconds to one minute.