What Yoga Postures Stretch Tight Muscles of the Sacroiliac Area?

What Yoga Postures Stretch Tight Muscles of the Sacroiliac Area?

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Half Lord of the Fishes pose is a twist that stretches the sacroiliac area.

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The sacroiliac joint joins the sacrum and the two iliums -- the bones in the pelvis that meet the sacrum. This joint is used in several twisting and forward bending movements, and it can become stiff and painful if overworked or injured. Several yoga poses can stretch out a stiff sacroiliac and restore it to its correct alignment, relieving any pain or discomfort. But pushing yourself beyond a natural range of movement when performing yoga poses such as forward bends or twists can strain the sacroiliac further. Consulting an experienced yoga teacher will help you to identify poses and modifications that will help instead of increase your pain.

Cobra Pose

Some people may experience sacroiliac joint pain because of hypermobility in the hips and lower back. This means that the sacroiliac can pop out of place because of lax muscles in the pelvic area, which do not keep the joint stable enough. Cobra pose is very good for stabilizing and strengthening the back of the pelvis. However, the pose should be performed gradually and care should be taken not to compress the lower back. Enter the pose slowly and without pushing up too fast.

Bow Pose

Another pose for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic area is Bow pose, which is a slightly more intense lower back stretch than Cobra pose. Bow pose also strengthens the spine muscles that run vertically from the sacrum up the back. If your back feels tight or aches after practicing Bow pose, you've gone too far and likely compressed your lower back instead of stretching out the muscles. Enter the pose slowly and do not push yourself if you begin to feel any pain.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Although twists can cause sacroiliac stiffness and pain, they can also alleviate it. Half Lord of the Fishes pose can alleviate muscle tension in the pelvis or compression in the lower back joints. This twist can be performed in modified versions, and it can sometimes be helpful to rotate one side of the sacrum backward and one side forward. If you are experiencing extreme sacroiliac pain, consult an experienced teacher before attempting this or any other twisting poses.

Lizard Pose

A modified version of Lizard pose can be very effective in returning the sacroiliac to its correct alignment. Traditionally performed as a hip opener, a modified version of this pose can free up and loosen the lower back, alongside strengthening the pelvic region. By placing your back knee on the floor for stability and shifting your elbows from the front of the mat to point toward the upper corner of the mat, you can use inner thigh strength to release and stretch the sacroiliac.