Does a Zumba Routine Help Burn Fat?

Does a Zumba Routine Help Burn Fat?

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Zumba's up-tempo nature leads to a rapid caloric burn.

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When the music's blasting, you're with a bunch of friends and are bouncing around the room, it might be easy to forget that you're actually working out. The name of the game in a Zumba class is often fun, but make no mistake -- this workout can help you burn fat to lose weight or maintain your slim, healthy body. Taking a class several times a week can easily help you meet the recommended aerobic exercise guideline.

Dance Your Way to a Caloric Deficit

If you're eager to burn fat, understanding the relationship between the calories you burn and those you consume is critical. Burning fat is the byproduct of sustaining a caloric deficit; this term describes the state of your body when your caloric burn is consistently higher than your calorie intake. Attaining this deficit often requires attention to your diet and workout routine. An exercise such as Zumba, given its high calorie burn, can help you reach this important deficit.

Burn Several Hundred Calories

The intense nature of a Zumba class leads to a significant caloric burn. The length of your Zumba routine depends on the duration of the class, but 45 minutes is a standard length of Zumba class. According to data from HealthStatus, a 135-pound person burns approximately 364 calories in 45 minutes of Zumba. In the same length of class, a 160-pound person burns about 432 calories.

Practice Zumba Repeatedly

One Zumba class might leave you sweaty and feeling energized, but you'll need to commit to frequent Zumba routines if you want to burn fat. Regular cardiovascular exercise is important as you work toward a caloric deficit. The vigorous nature of Zumba means you should aim to get at least 75 minutes of this form of exercise per week, or 150 minutes if your primary fitness goal is weight loss.

Stronger Heart, Better Flexibility

The American Council on Exercise lists Zumba as one of the most popular forms of group exercise and notes that despite the activity's fun energy, it's an exercise that can greatly contribute to better health. In addition to contributing to fat burning, Zumba also elevates your heart rate to build a stronger heart, strengthens a long list of muscles throughout your body and helps you develop better flexibility. The ACE also reports that Zumba is a suitable activity for people of all fitness levels.

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