Calories Lost in an Hour Long Yoga Class

Calories Lost in an Hour Long Yoga Class

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The calories you burn during yoga depend on the style of class.

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Taking an hour-long yoga class can make you feel energized and ready to start your day, or relaxed and ready for bed, depending on the type of yoga you practice. For this reason, not every yoga class helps you burn calories at the same rate. While every form of yoga provides health benefits, some forms are more ideal to practice if you're eager to lose weight.

Consider the Calorie Burn

Although all forms of yoga help you burn calories at an elevated rate, some types provide a low or moderate calorie burn. HealthStatus notes a 145-pound person will burn 183 calories during a 60-minute Hatha yoga class, which is the lowest calorie burn of any form of yoga that HealthStatus tracks. Forms of yoga that burn calories moderately include Power yoga and Ashtanga yoga. In a 60-minute class of either form, a 145-pound person will burn 339 calories.

Turn Up the Burn

If you've decided to take up yoga with the intention of burning calories quickly to develop a fit body, Bikram and Vinyasa yoga are your top choices, according to HealthStatus. The website reports a 145-pound person will burn 461 calories in an hour-long Bikram yoga class; this form of yoga also goes by the name "hot yoga." The same person will burn 574 calories in 60 minutes of Vinyasa yoga.

Know the Benefits of Yoga

Regardless of the form of yoga you choose to practice as you build a healthier body, the workout provides a wide range of benefits. notes practicing yoga can reduce your stress and improve your mental well-being, boost your balance and flexibility, make your muscles stronger and lessen the risk of developing chronic medical conditions. Other benefits of yoga include sharpening your focus, elevating your energy levels and alleviating muscle pain.

Create a Balanced Program

While yoga is great for flexibility and strength, you need cardio to really torch those calories. It could be as simple as opting for an easy jog or a brisk walk to your yoga studio - take a route that will give you half an hour of activity - or heading to the park for sprints to burn that last bit of energy after hot yoga. In any case, make sure you're getting roughly 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each week, both to strengthen your heart and to burn more calories.

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